Renewed motivation


It’s been eons since I last took to a blog platform. Parlaying over water cooler banter with B the other day, it suddenly dawned upon me that I no longer document the events and conversations in my life anymore, and that was a bit of a sombre revelation… What do I have to look back on when I’m 80 and feeling nostalgic? Perhaps it’s time I started writing again.

The second term has begun, and this time I’m enrolled into 2 courses: Principles of Business Management and Introduction to Environmental Sciences. The former is a pre-requisite for any other business administration modules I want to take moving forward, and the latter is something I’ve always had an interest in. Let’s hope that it isn’t too taxing to manage work-life-study balance.

My Divemaster journey is past its peak, given that I’ve completed all my necessary assessments and workshops (primarily in Pulau Hantu, Bintan, Tioman). It is a very challenging path; nothing short of frustrating, exasperating and harbouring thoughts of giving it up every now and then. No matter how hard we try, there’s always something to be improved on, which I know should be the case. What’s challenging is reconciling the understanding that we need to have a positive attitude, with physically and emotionally demanding activities that sometimes cannot be bettered overnight… or in weeks for that matter. It’s also a little unfortunate that societal mindset here is largely based on being the best – the cream of the crop, and not the best of your own abilities. Competition can be healthy if managed well, else, it’s just going to be counter-productive and cause a fatalistic effect. On a completely separate note… I am allergic to cat hair. Gentle reminder to myself: do not go for theory lessons without a face mask.

Nonetheless, this remains one of the best decisions I’ve made in the course of my life (right after joining AIESEC of course).

I bought a Suunto Stinger off Daniel the other day, with the agreement that I would get the battery replaced myself (not a problem there). After speaking to my instructor about battery replacement services, it was discovered during the inspection that the watch had not been opened or serviced for the past 10 years. The depth gauge was completely wrecked, registering 128m at the surface. Apparently, it reeked of vinegar as well… telltale practice of “an uneducated owner” (YK, 2017). While vinegar might be helpful in removing rust and the like, it is not advisable to clean or try to preserve your equipment with vinegar because it will corrode metals under prolonged exposure and lack of cleansing after usage of vinegar. To be clear, Daniel had no idea what the internal state of the watch was like, nor did he make any guarantees on it. He’s a trusted friend, and I’ve been dealing with him for all my dive equipment til date. Being the trustworthy, responsible person he is, he offered to take the Stinger back and process a full refund, with just one request: keep the watch disassembled so he can tinker around with its insides. He wouldn’t be Daniel if he didn’t request for that. If you’re interested, you can check his profile out on the Carousell app, and look up the username “dive_nut“.

Last but not least, today’s conditions have been extremely kind to me. I have not experienced a migraine attack today, so that’s a nice break from the crippling incident on Thursday, and yesterday’s regular attack. My main triggers are identified as follows: hormonal changes, humidity, dehydration and lack of sleep. Sometimes chocolate (I know, this sucks) and wine can trigger one too. I am on prescription medication and typically, if I arrest the migraine while the pain is an approximate 2 – 3 on the scale, it numbs the pain and leaves me extremely drowsy. In any case, I am effectively non-functional when a migraine hits. It often leaves me feeling useless and unproductive, because I stay this way for a good 5 hours after the pills are ingested. My loved ones have been very understanding and supportive of my condition, ensuring that I’m managing well within my means. I am very thankful to have their concern and compassion, but sometimes you can’t help but feel like you’re burdening them.

Okay, so the Avengers movie is playing in the background as I’m writing this, so adieu… for now.


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