In the dead of the night, literally.

In the midst of all the electoral propaganda preceding the long-awaited GE2015 in Singapore, I’ve still been trying to overcome my habitual procrastination and writer’s block; talk about being self-absorbed. I’m lying in bed as I type this, staring blankly into white space – before I return to reading “The Transient Wife” for the millionth time – while Lynette is snoring her exhaustion away. My desire to write grows stronger with each second, but never do I find the motivation nor inspiration to begin.

“Collexperience” is getting nowhere as I waste each day away on pointless anime episodes (Prince of Tennis is honestly the best thing that’s ever happened to me in my preteen days; it’s not a crime to relive my youth) alongside setting up Mummy’s e-commerce site. After a lengthy internal debate on whether Wix or WordPress was a better option to host this travelogue of mine, it was decided that since Wix allowed for that slightest bit of creativity and autonomy in the infancy stage of maintaining a website, Wix it was. I am still dreading the thought of having to pay such a high premium just to be able to store more photos on the site.

It’s currently the month of the Hungry Ghost Festival here. I won’t deny that I’m feeling a little cowardly as of this moment (it’s 0025 now) with all that silence and darkness around. However, as my mother says: “if you haven’t a guilty conscience, you’ve nothing to fear”. 

I guess I’ve relieved some of my writing urges for now. Let’s hope I can get around to completing that very first Wix post soon, preferably before I start work – yes, thank you – after the following week.

Strive on to live our dull lives, my lovelies. For those of you who live dull lives anyway.


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