The start of something new.

“It’s better to go slow in the right direction than to go fast in the wrong direction.” – Simon Sinek

It’s been a long time since I wrote something – be it an essay, a short story, a blog post or even conversing in full, proper sentences on text and the whatnot. The irrational  (okay, perhaps very much reasonable and plausible) fear of losing my command of the English language has been niggling at the back of my mind since… ever. That’s probably the reason why you’re (read: I’m) skimming
through this impossibly aimless paragraph and by the laws of continuity, the entirety of this post.

As I type this, “FRIENDS” (well, duh) is playing in the background, alongside a resized window of the Excel sheets that I have yet to update and complete. Lynette is currently at one of the bi-weekly badminton sessions she has with her dear ol’ Dad, and I’m left to fend for myself against the horror that is the clinginess of a certain furry friend. Perhaps he’s hungry, or maybe he’s bored; either way, Kiddo is longing for some entertainment in the form of fun and games, but I’m not the freest of birds right now so he’ll have to wait.

I’ve been feeling burdened by the daunting tasks that I foresee for the short and impending future of “thinkingplain” and “SightWalkers”. Then again, what’s new? I used to think that keeping a journal was the least of my concerns, but as time progressed and when things started happening in response to our enterprising efforts, it gradually dawned on me that going back to writing can help keep my fears, doubts, and of course, aspirations in check (insert own interpretation and visualisation of Lynette phoning me at this point to ask if I want anything for dinner; she’s on her way home). Just the other day, we were discussing if we should slow down what “thinkingplain” does, because “SightWalkers” has been advancing faster each day, and let’s face it, “SightWalkers” is what we want to accomplish and grow with at the end of the day – at the end of every day. The general consensus was to continue on with both ideas and see where we’ll go from there: “thinkingplain” generates more revenue than “SightWalkers” at this point, and apparently, money speaks loudest in this world. Isn’t that shocking? I keep trying to convince myself that we’re doing this right, and at this point (and by this point, I mean quitting school and forgoing opportunities offered to me on a silver platter), I really don’t have any other option than to try to achieve success in this.

Entrepreneurial ambitions aside, Lynette and I have applied to London, and we’re still waiting on tenterhooks to see how things will turn out. I will expound on this more in my next update, seeing as my Shrooms Burger has come home and I’m feeling ravenous.


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